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Развёртывание на позиции американского батальонного безоткатного орудия Davy Crockett, предназначенного для стрельбы ядерными боеприпасами; начало 60-х гг.







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Были варианты установки Davy Crockett на джип и на БТРы М59 и М-113

Состав и вооружение секции Davy Crockett 3-го пехотного батальона 3-й бронетанковой дивизии США. Секция сформирована в марте 1962 и состояла из двух отделений. Первое отделение -установка XM-29 Davy Crockett на бронетранспортере М-59. Второе отделение - установка XM-28 на джипе с прицепом для заряда и второй джип с прицепом для перевозки л/с и снаряжения. В октябре втрое отделение пересадили на БТР. В 1963 на вооружении появились 37-мм пристрелочные орудия и БТР М-113. Секция расформирована в конце 1967 - начале 68 года.

I was in the Davy Crockett Section of 3rd Battalion, 36th Infantry, 3rd Armored Division from February 1964 to June 1966. Here is a short history of my Section:
The Section was formed in March 1962 under Lt Joel Jones and SFC Claude Jullian. It had two squads. The first squad had an XM-29 Davy Crockett carried in an M-59 APC. The second squad had an XM-28 mounted on a jeep with a trailer modified to carry an M-388 Round. Plus they had a second jeep and trailer to carry the rest of the squad and gear.

In October 1962 the XM-28 and jeep were replaced with an XM-29 and M-59 APC.

In 1963 the 37mm Spotting Guns were added to the XM-29's and the M-59's were replaced with M-113 APC.

In 1964 the Davy Crockett Section was re-numbered from 901 and 902 to 97 and 98.

Also, we were assigned a Bunker at 3rd Armored Division Special Weapons Storage Site near Koeppern. We received PAL devises.

In late 1965 the Section was authorized to wear our own Davy Crockett TPI Qualified Patch on our field jackets.

In Spring of 1966 the Section two M-388 Atomic Rounds which were stored at the Koeppern Site.

The best I can tell, the Section was disbanded in ether late 1967 or early 1968

Таймер заряда Davy Crockett
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